About B&B

The B&B Cheung Chau has expanded up to 32 rooms since its opening in 2006. The rooms are located just next to the Tung Wan Beach and close to the Pak Tai Temple respectively. Double, family and group rooms are offered to meet all type of customer needs. From the Outlying Island Ferry Pier no. 5, you can choose the 35-minute fast ferry or 55-minute ordinary ferry for travelling to this beautiful island. Only a 5 minute walk from Cheung Chau’s main pier will get you to our heart-warming reception.

B&B (住宿加早餐) 旅館,於2006年4月開業至今已擴展至32房,客房分佈於近東灣沙灘及北帝廟旁。客房種類分別有雙人房,家庭房及團體房,適合不同遊客需要。由港外線5號碼頭往長洲,高速船需時35分鐘,普通船需時55分鐘。由長洲碼頭只需步行5分鐘便可以到達接待處。

Contact Us:

Telephone: +852 2986 9990 Fax: +852 2986 9980 Email: info@ibnb.com.hk Address: 12-14 Tung Wan Road, Cheung Chau, Hong Kong Map Coordinates: 22.208666, 114.030081

Bank Accounts:

Hong Kong HSBC 110-4-054067 B & B (YIP FONG) Investment Limited
Macau HSBC 001-026442-095 Yip Kam Tim
Bank Of China (For Mainland ONLY) 7562 5505 3408 叶錦添


查詢電話: +852 2986 9990 傳真: +852 2986 9980 電郵: info@ibnb.com.hk 地址: 12-14 Tung Wan Road, Cheung Chau, Hong Kong 地圖座標: 22.208666, 114.030081


香港匯豐銀行 110-4-054067 B & B (YIP FONG) Investment Limited
澳門匯豐銀行 001-026442-095 Yip Kam Tim
內地中國銀行(羅湖分行) 7562 5505 3408 叶錦添